Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Codes

How Do Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Codes Work?

If you know how to apply promo codes at other kinds of online sports betting, Daily Fantasy sports bonus codes work very much the same. They are just for a different kind of competition. For those who are totally new to using Daily Fantasy sports promo codes, follow these simple steps to begin. Get your Daily Fantasy Sports bonus!

Open a new account with the fantasy sports contest provider of your choice.
There are a number of different companies to choose from. Many of them offer excellent Daily Fantasy sports promo codes. To open a new account, fill out the registration form with your personal details. The personal details include name, date of birth, address, etc. You should then enter your credit card or other payment details in order to open your account. However, it is not always necessary to make a deposit payment up front in order to redeem your bonus.

Enter the Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Codes
Before submitting the registration form, remember to enter the Daily Fantasy sports promo codes into the field provided. Make sure that you enter the promo code exactly right. It is important because typos could cause the Daily Fantasy promo codes to be read as invalid. Thereby, you could lose out on your Daily Fantasy sports bonus. This simple code unlocks the bonus for you, somewhat like a special password for getting bonus betting money.

Use Your Daily Fantasy Sports Bonus
The Daily Fantasy sports bonus you get from entering the Daily Fantasy sports promo codes will be added to your fantasy sports betting account. That means that you can use your Daily Fantasy sports bonus as you please. If there are any delays in you receiving your bonus, be sure to get in touch with the customer service team. They will help you get to the bottom of what could be causing the delay.

As you can see, applying a Daily Fantasy sports bonus is quite a simple process. It only takes a few minutes to complete. Have your Daily Fantasy sports promo codes on hand. Also, keep your credit card or desired payment method ready so that the signup process can be quick.

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Introduction to Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Codes

Daily Fantasy sports promo codes are a great way to increase your winning power in daily fantasy sports.

These promo codes give you access to great deals and valuable Daily Fantasy sports bonus. This is not the only exciting and action filled way to play. Applying Daily Fantasy sports promo codes can improve your odds through daily fantasy sports competitions.

This article intends to cover all the relevant information you need to know about making the most out of your Daily Fantasy sports bonus. It is unlocked by applying the Daily Fantasy sports promo codes to your account.

What Kinds of Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Codes Are There?

There are a lot of different kinds of Daily Fantasy sports promo codes out there on the internet. They give you everything, starting with the entry into daily fantasy sports competitions to cash Daily Fantasy sports bonus.

Other bonuses can give you chances to win special prizes, merchandise, or even trips.

Daily Fantasy Sports has a predetermined prize pool

Intro to Daily Fantasy Sports and Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Codes

If you’re not already familiar with the concept of fantasy sports, we will give you the main points about this area of the sports betting industry.

Drafting Your Ideal Players to Your Team
Essentially, the point of daily fantasy sports is that it lets you pick and choose players from a given sport like American football, basketball or baseball. Then, you “draft” a team of your ideal athletes. What’s cool about this is that you are given the option of selecting from any player or team you want to draft from. It allows you to make a real dream team of the great players imaginable.

When you draft your players, you are able to “purchase” them using play money. You want to spend that as strategically as possible.

Once you’ve assembled your team, you can enter contests to see how your team will rank in the outcome against other competitors’ teams.

Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues
When you draft a team, you can enter into competitive leagues. If your team scores highly, you stand to win prizes. How it works is that your teams are somewhat like a fictional assembly of your ideal draft picks. However, you could take any player you want and put them together with the other great players.

The teams you make are not real, but the leagues you take part in are. They are made up of other people who have also drafted their ideal team.

So in this kind of game, it’s your sports knowledge vs the other competitors in the league, to see whose team is the most successful.

Kinds of Daily Fantasy Sports Competitions

There are different options on how to play daily fantasy sports and you can choose which kind of competition you prefer to play in.


Daily Fantasy Sports is a winner takes all competition.

Head to Head

You can go the head to head route. This means that you invite a friend to a competition and then you compete against each other one on one. This is a winner takes all competition. Whichever one has the winning team walks away with the bonus.

The cool thing about playing against your buddies is also enhanced by being able to share the excitement of the game while you play.

Predetermined Prize Pool

This kind of open competition lets you play for guaranteed prizes. These leagues can have up to several hundred people competing for the top positions. The competitive spirit in this case is high and the cash prizes are bigger. Each place (1st, 2nd, 3rd… and so on) gets a percentage of the payout. It is descending from the top of the league to the bottom (first place to last place).

FanDuel vs DraftKings

Two of the most popular companies in daily fantasy sports are FanDuel and DraftKings.

Let’s take a look at how these two giants compare on different aspects of their service.


FanDuel has received a number of different awards:


  • The Webby Awards: People’s Choice Award: Best Mobile Sports App
  • Inc Magazine: Best Industries
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: 100 Brilliant Companies


  • FanDuel founders Nigel Eccles and Tom Griffiths named to Silicon Alley’s 100
  • FSTA’s Best Daily Fantasy Product for both Web and Mobile


DraftKings has sparked controversy over the fact that they are currently under FBI investigation over questionable business practices. It has come to light that user data has potentially been inadvertently released. It has been used by some insiders to win prize money through rival websites. Both DraftKings and FanDuel have commented on the controversy. They say that they consider it of the utmost importance to get to the bottom of these allegations to find out what has occurred and to ensure that the integrity of the games is upheld.

Daily Fantasy Sports Guide
Daily fantasy sports guide actually involves a lot of sports knowledge and therefore tactical approaches can be very helpful.
For that reason, here’s a guide providing tips and strategies which should help you be more successful with your drafts.

Tips and Strategies for Drafting Players
Selecting the team in Daily Fantasy Sports doesn’t actually mean simply choosing the most famous players or even picking out your favourite athletes. Choosing a truly great team tends to involve a lot of research: knowing which players are underrated for their abilities, who has had injuries in the past which could flare up and bring down their performance, and also picking selections which are likely to beat those of the people you’re playing against.

Research, Research, Research
This can’t really be stressed enough. The people who enter daily fantasy sports and make serious money in the competitions are the ones who do their homework. Following how individual players have been performing so that you can make projections about how they are likely to do during upcoming games can truly make or break your team.

The great thing is that you don’t have to think of it as a chore: you’re getting to learn more about sports and different athletes and potentially turn that interest into cash!

Don’t just select your favourite players.
It might be tempting to take the players you are most familiar with and draft them all onto your team, but honestly it’s not a good strategy. Here’s why: when you do that, you’re limiting yourself from being able to choose from some amazing athletes out there who could be even better than the ones you love to watch. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on those players being your favourite, just keep an open mind to drafting your players based on their merit.

You might be surprised to discover new favourite players you never knew were so great in the process.

Look for the diamonds in the rough.
This is an important strategy because you’re not just trying to make a great team, you’re also competing against other sports fanatics who might know just as much as you do about who the greatest players are. A good strategy for drafting your team is to seek out players who are not as recognised for their greatness. Players who on the surface don’t appear to be as good as the shining superstars will be able to be drafted for less, meaning you can put more of your budget to hiring other great players.

Stay up to date.
This might seem just like the previous section telling you to do your research on teams and players, but keeping up to date is a special aspect of being on top of your fantasy sports betting strategy. Some players actually spend all their time focusing on drafting a good team and then they don’t actually follow up or try to change things around once the competition has begun.

It’s essential to actually keep on top of the latest developments in the active games because the outcomes of small shifts in the competition can determine whether you win or lose. For example, if an athlete you’ve drafted has now been injured, you really want to know about that so you can adapt your game plan accordingly.

Other Tips for Daily Fantasy Sports

Play on your mobile

If you love playing daily fantasy sports but you hate being pinned down to your desktop computer, you might consider downloading a daily fantasy sports mobile app. These apps have been specially designed for mobile users with a screen resolution to fit the smaller screen size of a mobile phone, easy to navigate buttons and pages optimised for interaction through tapping and swiping and the same great functionality of the regular site only on your phone or tablet instead.

Choose the app to suit your phone.
With many different models of mobile phone out there it can seem complicated to find out whether an app will function on your smartphone or tablet device. The good news is that most daily fantasy sports competition hosting companies make different versions of their app to fit virtually all kinds of phone you might have.

Android App
If your mobile device runs on Android, whether you have a phone or a tablet, you will want to download and install the Android app for the provider of your choice. You can find the Android mobile app in the Google Play store.

iOS App
For customers who have iOS based devices, for example if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you will need to download and install the iOS version of the app. You can find iOS daily fantasy sports apps in the iTunes Store.

Windows Phone App
Things are slightly more complicated for those out there with Windows Phones and tablets. You can sometimes find great apps for the providers you’re searching for, but the options tend to be a bit more limited. At any rate, the great way to go is to search for Windows Phone compatible daily fantasy sports apps in the Windows Phone Store. If you find what you’re looking for, just download the app, install it on your phone, and begin drafting and managing your team as you regularly would through the normal website.

Daily fantasy sports: is it legal?
Yes, it is. This is a common question around daily fantasy sports betting, and at the moment daily fantasy sports competitions are considered legal in the United States on the grounds that it is not considered gambling because it is regarded as a game of skill instead simply betting. In countries other than the United States, for example the UK where gambling is legal, there are no legal issues with taking part in this kind of competition.

Check out the attractive promos offered on a continuous basis.
You can definitely benefit from getting special promos and bonus offers which you can find at many of the daily fantasy sports competition providers. These promotional deals change over time so it’s useful to check in periodically to see what’s new or to catch the latest offer. Some of the different promos you can discover this way include:

  • Sports specific offers: for football, basketball, baseball, etc. these bonuses are put toward a particular sport category. The amount you can get varies greatly, and it can get up into the thousands of pounds. You can use the bonus money to put toward entering competitions and increase the amount of money you make off your teams.
  • Refer a friend promos: You can also get certain bonuses and discounts for referring a friend to your favourite daily fantasy sports competition site. What’s especially great about that is that both of you benefit: you get a bonus and they get the chance to make money from drafting and playing daily fantasy sports.
  • Sign up promos: This is the most common type of promotional offer, specifically tailored toward new customers to a site. With the sign up bonus you get a cash welcome  Daily Fantasy sports bonus which is automatically added to the balance in your account.

Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Codes: Conclusion

This guide should give you a winning edge over your competitors in daily fantasy sports, when you apply some of the tips and strategies we covered here to improving your draft selections. Also remember to use your Daily Fantasy sports promo codes for great Daily fantasy sports bonus to boost your competitive lead even more.

Hopefully, these useful facts will help you turn your sports knowledge prowess into cold hard cash competing in daily fantasy sports competitions, whether it’s head to head with your mates or in a larger league.

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